Friday, July 1, 2011

Schilling townhall today

So I went to the Schilling town hall in Aledo today. A friend passed me an email from the democrat party chair asking members to go and ask about Amtrak.

I just went to get a feel of where Schilling is standing on this budget mess we have and hear his defense of the ryan plan.

From what Schilling was saying sounded like it wouldn't be that bad.

The only problem is that I couldn't hear a damn thing he said because some preppy, feminine kid up front kept interrupting him and trying to steal the show.

A couple guys in the room asked him about the stimulus bill and if he thought it was all a waste. I'm surprised he didn't say yes. Just yesterday, the former federal reserve chairman said that the $787 billion stimulus didn't do much stimulating at all

Some would suggest that the $787 billion gave some people work. Fair enough. But was a few jobs worth adding on trillions in additional debt? (after interest payments)

Seems pretty unfair to me.

Can't wait till the next town hall. If that kid shows up again, I hope someone tells him to shut up.

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