Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Problems with Medicare

As I've mentioned before, I view myself as an independent. I like investing in research, green energy and infrastructure. But I also don't like high taxes, heavy regulation and too much government. I don't support the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. But I support having strong homeland security. Pro-life and pro-gay marriage. See what I mean?

I swear that some days it's the side of the bed that I wake up on that determines who I am going to support.

Which brings me to my problems with Medicare. I'm not to put my head in the sand. We all know that there are many problems with our entitlement system -- especially Medicare. Report after report has shown that Medicare is going to go bankrupt shortly. The most recent report from the CBO saying it will be bankrupt by 2021. That's 5 years sooner than what they were reporting 2 years ago. The problem is accelerating -- especially with so many being out of work for so long.

Marco Rubio -- even though he is a neo con and supports the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya -- made some excellent points. His medicare address on YouTube

In it he lays out 3 points that must be addressed for Medicare reform:

1. Any proposed solution should fix the solvency of Medicare and not just delay it's bankruptcy.
2. Any proposed solution should not affect those who are very close to retirement and have no ability to adapt.
3. Any proposed solution should not adversely affect the economy and put more out of work.

I don't see anything wrong with these three points.

I will admit that I don't know the plan that the Republicans have proposed. All that I have heard is that it will cost seniors more for their health care --- well no shit. It's going to cost them a hell of a lot more if it goes insolvent.

The Republicans have been trumpeting that the proposed changes won't effect anyone 55 or older. Okay...are you suggesting that current seniors don't care about the next generations? Explain your plan and how it will change benefits for future generations.

I think 2 things about this right now:

1. Democrats need to quit being political with this and propose a solution that will fix Medicare and not ignore the problem.

2. Republicans need to start communicating their plan better. Explain your plan to us. Explain it well. If we like it, you'll get reelected. If we don't...well.

Both parties need to get my grandmother and parents out of the political games and make sure that they are taken care of and not thrown under the bus.

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