Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Boland's Non-Announcement Announcement

I can't believe that I forgot to write about this.

Yesterday, former state rep., Mike Boland announced that he would be announcing shortly about whether he would be running or not.

How annoying, egotistical and ridiculous.

Make the decision. Get in or get out. Don't play games with the press and the public. We're not a toy that you can just pull out and play with when you want to.

He also had some absurd quote about how high his name recognition is, since he was a state wide candidate. Reality check. Someone needs a high dose of self-awareness.

Also Cheri Callahan-Bustos announced today. She slammed career politicians and said that her focus would be on jobs and "reshoring" -- bringing back those lost jobs. Sounds good to me. We'll see what she brings to the table in the primary.

Not much out of Koehler. He's probably focused on being a state senator right now or some sorry excuse.

And absolutely nothing out of George Gaulrapp.

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