Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Biggest Lie

In Illinois, the 2012 general election results will hinge on whether voters swallow or reject the biggest lie ever told.

In the Quad Cities, we've had to suffer under 1 party rule for almost 30 years. Democrats have controlled everything from the top to the bottom. The result? Literally tens of thousands of job losses in the area.

Locally, democrats lost 3 county board seats, a state representative seat, and the congressional seat.

They still control basically every other elected position locally.

Will voters believe RICO Democrats or will they look at reality and send elected democrats, who have ruined our local area, packing?

ObamaCare Could Put 163,000 Illinois Seniors’ Medicare Benefits at Risk: Will Bustos Join the Fight to Protect It?

Washington Democrats Make Defending ObamaCare a Top Priority This Election Year Despite Its Record Unpopularity

WASHINGTON --- As Cheri Bustos' Washington Democrat allies prepare to ramp up their election year defense of the government takeover of healthcare, it should be remembered that the 163,000 Illinois seniors that are on Medicare Advantage health plans will be particularly hard hit under their big-government law. The government healthcare takeover is paid for in part by nearly $200 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage programs, which means seniors currently on these plans could find their benefits at risk. Since House Democrats are on the front lines defending their big-government healthcare takeover this year, will Bustos join them and accept these consequences for seniors in Illinois?

“Cheri Bustos' House Democrat allies call their government takeover of healthcare their ‘crown jewel’ and have made it clear it is their top priority to defend it this election year,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “But is Bustos willing to help them when 163,000 Illinois seniors could suddenly find their health benefits at risk because the government healthcare takeover was paid for in part with drastic cuts to Medicare?”

There are currently 163,000 seniors in Illinois who rely on Medicare Advantage benefits. (“Total Medicare Advantage (MA) Enrollment, 2011,” The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Accessed 5/2/12)

The government takeover of healthcare’s cuts to Medicare could put Medicare Advantage benefits at risk:

“Seniors in a number of states risk losing their Medicare Advantage benefits because of cuts in President Obama’s healthcare reform law, according to a new report from Avalere. The law contains about $200 billion in direct and indirect cuts to private Medicare plans through 2017.” (Julian Pecquet, “Report: Healthcare law cuts put Medicare Advantage benefits at risk in some states,” The Hill’s Healthwatch Blog, 3/12/12)

House Democrats in Washington are on the front lines of defending their government healthcare takeover this year:

“The law is divisive, and in swing states it’s an albatross for Democrats including the president and some of his Senate allies. So that leaves the House Democrats, many hailing from safe liberal districts where the health care law is popular, to soldier on like a lonely battalion defending the law and reminding the public of its benefits.” (Jonathan Allen, “The Obama Vacuum: House Dems defend health-care reform,” Politico, 3/21/12)

ObamaCare Could Put 163,000 IL Seniors’ Medicare Benefits at Risk: Will Bustos Join the Fight to Protect It? #gopcodered


Millionaires, billionaires, and big oil companies

Have you heard Cheri Bustos lately? She sounds a little something like this:

"Millionaires! Billionaires! Big Oil Companies! Bobby Schilling is the incumbent congressman. Billionaires. Big Oil Companies. Millionaires."

Just for the readers reference, Bobby Schilling is a small business owner, a pizza shop owner actually. 

Cheri Bustos on the other hand is the former marketing director for Iowa Health Systems and made $306,000 her last year there.

Bustos isn't fooling anyone.