Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheri Tales Chapter 15--Cheri Bustos tells Illinois jobs to "Move On"

Good Morning –
Welcome to Chapter 15 of Cheri Tales. This troubling tale focuses on Cheri Bustos and her support for ObamaCare which is already causing damage for job creators in Illinois. Recently, Cook Medical, which has a location in Canton, was set to build factories throughout the Midwest that would employee up to 300 people each but thanks to Cheri Bustos’ ObamaCare and its massive tax on medical devices, Illinois families can kiss those jobs goodbye.
In Cheri Bustos’ healthcare law is a 2.3 percent tax on sales of all medical devices. This law, and its tax increase, is already proving to be disastrous to medical device makers looking to expand like Cook Medical. So why would Cheri Bustos support this healthcare takeover which will stop job creation in Illinois?
A spokesperson for Cook Medical said this on the new massive tax from Bustos’ healthcare takeover:
"This is the equivalent of about a plant a year that we're not going to be able to build," a company spokesman told FoxNews.com.
He said the original plan was to build factories in "hard-pressed" Midwestern communities, each employing up to 300 people. But those factories cost roughly the same amount as the projected cost of the new tax.
"In reality, we're not looking at the U.S. to build factories anymore as long as this tax is in place. We can't, to be competitive," he said. (Fox News, 7/27/12)
NRCC Statement: “Cheri Bustos has a history of supporting job-destroying policies as an East Moline Alderman and now she is already costing Illinois jobs with her support of Nancy Pelosi’s job-destroying government takeover of healthcare. Just imagine how much more damage Cheri Bustos will do if she makes it to Congress.” - NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Pril

Cheri Bustos forgot something in her ad

She forgot to mention where she worked.

Is that weird? All we know from the ad is that she is married to a cop and has some kids who like pizza.

Is she ashamed of her time on the city council? What about working for Iowa Health Systems in Des Moines?

Looks like she's just trying to get people to like her before she goes apeshit on Bobby Schilling.

One thing is for sure, she's an ego-maniac.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bustos Inept Campaign Manager

So the Cheri Bustos campaign got shocked with another poll released by Schilling. It showed Schilling with a 13 point lead.

So what was their response?

They decided to release a February poll that showed them down by "only" 9 points.

Why would the Bustos campaign make such a stupid move? Does Allison Jaslow have any campaign experience? Looks like she wasn't the best pick. Anyway Cheri can get Matt Larson back? At least he wasn't this inept.

This was supposed to be a shoe-in. How have they managed to turn it into a cluster of horrible everything except good fundraising?

Cheri will have a new campaign manager in a matter of weeks. Watch for a couple weeks of silence from Jaslow and then the sudden announcement.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bustos Bullsh*t...again

So Cheri Bustos sent out another hypocritical email yesterday crying about a super PAC coming in to run ads against her. She decries them for being secretive and running a smear campaign against her...


You are against smear campaigns and secretive organizations?

I'm glad to know that! What a relief that you will be returning the half a million dollars that radical pro-abortion group, Emily's list has steered to your campaign and that you will stop using the "Lie of the Year" (ending Medicare)!

No one believes Cheri Tales and no ones believed her Bustos Bullsh*t.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cheri Bustos: Profile in Hypocrisy

Why does Cheri Bustos attack Bobby Schilling for having fundraisers with $2,500 sponsorships? Especially when she is just as guilty. In fact, she's even worse.

Last month in Chicago, Cheri Bustos had a joint fundraiser at wrigley field --- not even in her district where the lowest price one could pay to watch the Cubs lose was $2,500. They had bigger sponsorships available at $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000.

This isn't the first fundraiser out of district she has had. Cheri Bustos also had a $5,000 a head fundraiser at Roots Pizza in Chicago. I know another out of district fundraiser.

The pizza fundraiser was put on by Emily's List and Ald. Joe Moreno. Emily's List is a radical pro-abortion group that only supports candidate who believe in completely unrestricted abortion rights. This means no parental notification laws, no late term abortion bans and tax payer funding of a abortion.

Cheri has actually raised around 87% of her money outside of the 17th district. The majority of her donations come from Chicago, Springfield, DC, and Des Moines.

Why has she raised more money outside the district? Because everyone in the Quad Cities hates Cheri Bustos. She's mean, uncaring and has a history of treating people like garbage just to advance her own cause.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Co-workers against Cheri Bustos?

A neighbor and friend of mine joked the other day about starting a group called, "Co-workers Against Cheri Bustos"

She said that Bustos was an insufferable person to work with at the hospital. She made people cry and hate their job. She also made a few people quit.

I mentioned yesterday that now that Cheri was running for congress, she would try to reinvent herself. Well, I was right. I found all of these bullshit fluff videos on her YouTube page. Are these people being paid? Or are they just afraid of Cheri's wrath?

Anyways, I hear Schilling is aware of her treatment of others and will fully take advantage of it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cheri Bustos: A Local Celebrity

Did you know that while Cheri Bustos was making $400,000 a year off of the health care industry, she set a world record for most video conference substitutions on the east moline city council?

That's right.

You see Cheri Bustos has lived in Des Moines for the past 5 years. Rather than resign from the city council, she instead video conferenced into the city council meetings.

3 aldermen that served with her have told me that this is when she earned the nick name: Hollywood Cheri.

If you talk to anyone who actually worked with Cheri, she is only concerned with promoting herself. She's selfish and uncaring.

Now she's running for Congress and reinventing herself. It won't work.