Monday, August 20, 2012

Bustos Inept Campaign Manager

So the Cheri Bustos campaign got shocked with another poll released by Schilling. It showed Schilling with a 13 point lead.

So what was their response?

They decided to release a February poll that showed them down by "only" 9 points.

Why would the Bustos campaign make such a stupid move? Does Allison Jaslow have any campaign experience? Looks like she wasn't the best pick. Anyway Cheri can get Matt Larson back? At least he wasn't this inept.

This was supposed to be a shoe-in. How have they managed to turn it into a cluster of horrible everything except good fundraising?

Cheri will have a new campaign manager in a matter of weeks. Watch for a couple weeks of silence from Jaslow and then the sudden announcement.

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