Sunday, July 17, 2011

Operation: Bobby, not Barry

Local liberals and union mafioso types have a pretty good strategy going into the 2012 elections: Blame Bobby, not Barry.

If jobs aren't being created locally, it's not Obama's fault - it's Schilling's fault. Never mind the fact that the left controls all branches of local and state government - plus the Senate and the Presidency. The reason we're in a depression is because of one member out of 435 that makes up one-half of one third of our government.

Or so the left shouts with foam in their mouths.

These claims will easily be refuted by Schilling and shifted on to the big guy in the White House.

We need a reasonable candidate who can come up with some reasonable positions and statements. Not just blame a congressman for things that can be easily blamed on our state and local dems that control everyone.

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