Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My history and a brief overview

My dad used to always say, "How do you know when a politician is lying? When his lips are moving." He didn't really like politics that much. I don't think he was a regular voter.

My mom was a Reagan democrat, but voted for Clinton and Gore.

My uncle ran for office 3x and lost.

My grandpa was a new deal democrat.

That being said, I obviously have democrat tendencies but I will fully admit that I voted for Bobby Schilling over Phil Hare. It wasn't much of a choice. Phil was rude and sucked at being a congressman. The way he got in still rubs me the wrong way about QC politics.

But anyways. That's over and there's a new race for congress. We'll see how Schilling does. I didn't like his vote on Amtrak, but that's not the most important issue.

Right now we have Sen. Dave Koehler,  Mayor Mark Schwiebert, Cheri Bustos, Porter McNeil, George Gaulrapp, Mike Boland and .... am I missing anyone? It's a crowded field. Mostly because Schilling's district was made more democrat and Obama will be on the ballot.

We also have a race for state senate as well. I like Mike Jacobs and know his family. I think it's funny to hear people call him "slugger" I don't know much about his opponent Bill Albracht - a vietnam veteran I think...

State Rep? Who cares. That should be a pretty uneventful race in both the 71 and 72 district. If Verschoore wins/loses...guess what? Nothing changes. If Morthland wins/loses...guess what? Nothing changes.

Rock Island County board is currently 21 democrats to 4 republicans. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

I will be covering the candidates for these races above. Things they say, places they go, etc etc.

Email me with any tips.

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