Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's be fair

We all know the primary practices of the past. Democrat party chairman sits down in room with the selected one and "the others." He tells them that they must back out of the race and in exchange they will get cozy jobs or the promise of being groomed for another office.

This is the same practice that led to our wonderful former congressman hare.

It's a joke.

None of these candidates for IL-17 should take any of the deals. If they are being offered a deal it's only because they have a shot at winning the primary and we all know that they have an even bigger shot at taking IL-17 back for the Dems.

I could lay out a case for everyone of these candidates to win -- including George Gaulrapp from Freeport! It's going to be a 100% free for all, unless these guys are all spineless -- in that case, they never should have been in the race from the beginning.

If the deal is worked out, that says a lot about the chosen one. Their strength as a candidate, their self confidence etc.

Sorry but if you can't convey your thoughts and win over your own party in a primary, then how are you going to reach independents and left leaning gopers.

We don't need a chosen candidate, we need a good candidate. The only way to ensure a good candidate that is supported by the base is to have a competitive primary. Plain and simple.

I hope that democracy doesn't fail again.

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