Thursday, June 30, 2011

I almost forgot!

We'll also be covering letters to the editor! It seems that neither the Dispatch or Times does a lot of fact checking in their letters to the editor section, so we'll do it for them.

Did you see this letter?

Please, Rep. Schilling, provide to the print media a list of companies who have left Illinois since Jan. 1 due to "over-regulation and taxes that are too high."
This writer, James Oppedahl from Rock Island, gives an odd demand to Bobby Schilling and his staff. He goes on to demand that Schilling should use his staff to look all of this information up. I don't really want my tax dollars being wasted on some weirdo commie who is too afraid/lazy to do his own research.

All Schilling has to do is point out the fact that over 750,000 people left the state of Illinois since 2001. We're obviously not getting something right. And with all of the bogus laws coming out of Springfield, I think it's pretty clear. But whatever.

Another letter, from a Eugene Mattecheck of Moline, brings up very valid points against Democrats who blame Bobby Schilling for the economy and lack of jobs in the area. He says:

A third letter complained Mr. Schilling hasn't created jobs. On June 23rd The Dispatch/Argus reported that local unemployment fell to 6.6 percent. It was 12.1 percent in January of 2010 when Bobby Schilling took office.
 Well you see the problem there. Bobby took office in 2011 -- so he can't take credit for the drop. BUT even if the economy was improving, how disingenuous would it be for him to take credit for a recovery after only 6 months in office? I don't think Schilling is that full of shit.

Besides that, Mattecheck brings up valid points. A lot of the democrats in Rock Island have been festering over Schilling's win last November. Get over it. Stop bringing up invalid points like, "Where's Bobby Schilling hiding..." It makes no sense when the guy is the damn paper every day with another town hall or public meeting. My guess is that it's hurting your party with independent leaning voters like myself.

Will do more analysis later.

Oh and I will publish articles and letters to the editor. Send them to qcpundit [at] gmail [dot] com

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