Friday, February 3, 2012

Lies my former alderman told me

When is Cheri Bustos going to be called out on her blatant lies?

She claims to have "wide, grassroots financial support" but received $71,000 from the ABORTION industry?

That's right. EMILY's List -- the most far, left abortion group in the Nation is pouring tens of thousands into Cheri Bustos' campaign account.

Why is the ABORTION industry pouring money into a Western Illinois congressional race?

Furthermore, why is Cheri accepting money from a group that only endorses pro-abortion women who favor absolutely no restrictions on abortion? Does Cheri stand against ANY restrictions on Abortion? Including parental notification, partial birth abortion bans, taxpayer funding bans?

Why is Cheri running on ABORTION rights anyways? Is that really the most important issue in this election?

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