Saturday, January 14, 2012

The bullish*t begins

I'll be honest.

I had high hopes for this next election. As I've stated before, I was raised in a blue collar home that tended democrat but we also didn't like gay marriage or abortion.

Since these candidates have come out, it's been nothing but disappointment. Why?

Dave Koehler didn't have the balls to stand up for his own personal convictions against a powerful U.S. Senator.

Cheri Bustos has turned into a horribly negative, unfair and destructive special interest candidate.

Aguilar and Gaulrapp can't raise a damn dime.

This is fine by me. I was going to support Schilling in the end anyways because of his reasonable support for PLA's. But how disappointing.

It's looking like Bustos will be the nominee. Are Democrats in Illinois that stupid that we are going to nominate a corporate queen who made millions off of the health care industry?

Even Jacobs (as much of a joke he is) would have been an interesting race.

Of course, my personal favorite was Mark Schwiebert. If he had the balls to run, he would've given Schilling a run for his money. Schwiebert is good when it comes to gaining crossover support from independents and even some right wingers. Maybe next time Marky!

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