Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheri Bustos Shows Extremist True Colors

Tonight, Rep. Cheri Bustos showed her true colors. While often speaking of seeking "common-sense solutions" and "bipartisanship,"Bustos cast her most extreme vote yet. Bustos voted to allow late term abortions, even at the point in which the unborn child can feel pain.

With her vote tonight, Cheri Bustos voted against 80% of Americans who believe that late term abortions should be banned. Bustos voted against protecting millions of innocent lives from the excruciating pain that SCIENCE has proven the unborn can feel at 20 weeks.

Maybe if Bustos hadn't received almost $600,000 from pro-abortion groups and donors, she could have voted with 80% of Americans who support this "common-sense" bill.

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