Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rep. Cheri Bustos: Budget Nihilist

From Wiki:

Nihilist may refer to:
  • one who believes existence has no objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value, see nihilism

I recently stumbled upon this entry from Rep. Bill Owens: Budget Nihilist .

It said exactly my thoughts regarding my own member of Congress, Cheri Bustos.

From the talking points we heard on the campaign trail and her family history, blue dogs like myself knew that Cheri Bustos wasn't interested in actually fixing any of the problems in DC.

With her father being the chief of staff to high profile U.S. Senators and one of the biggest lobbyists in the country, we knew she was only interested in getting elected and then re-elected.

That's why when she had the chance to support a budget to fix America's deficit and fund transportation projects that our district desperately needs, she took the stance of a budget nihilist.

Out of the 4 Democrat budgets and 2 Republican budgets, Cheri Bustos voted against all of them.

By not submitting her own plan to Congress and rejecting all proposed budgets, Cheri Bustos told our district that a budget doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if America gets out of debt. It doesn't matter if we fix our roads or bridges. It doesn't matter if the Rock Island Arsenal employees get sequestered. It simply doesn't matter.

If she believed it mattered, then she would have voted for a plan or submitted her own. But rather than putting our district -- no, no, OUR FAMILIES who depend on jobs, defense, and transportation ABOVE her re-election plans.

Phil Hare didn't care and Cheri Bustos doesn't either.

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